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1. How long will I be in school?
Those enrolled will be in school 20 days for the 160 hour program, 15 days for the 120 hour program, and 5 days for the 40 hour program. New classes begin each Monday and run Monday - Friday from 8am - 5pm.

2. Where do I stay while in training?
If a student is not located within driving distance of the Training Facility, then he or she can be housed in one of our Housing Facilities throughout the duration of his or her training. A complementary Shuttle Service will run daily to bring students to and from the Training Facility. Each Housing Facility is located within walking distance of many major restaurants, convenience stores, a grocery store, and laundry mat. Each Housing Facility is also equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, and cable television. If students drive to the school but require housing, then each student will be allowed to leave for the weekends. However, those students who arrive via bus will be required to stay during the weekends unless some sort of arrangements can be agreed upon by the school officials and the student. All in all, weekend entertainment and transport WILL NOT be provided by Westwind CDL Training Center.

3. How do I get to school if I am from outside the Commuter Student Area?
Currently, Westwind CDL Training Center has only 1 Training Facility located in Cuba, Missouri. Commuter, or "local" students are those who live within 1 hour driving distance of the Training Facility. If a student lives more than 1 hour driving distance away from the Training Facility then he or she will be considered "Outside the Commuter Student Area." We recruit students from all across the United States. As a result, many of our students travel via Greyhound Bus. Please consult a recruiter for more specific information.

4. How old must I be to enroll?
To obtain a CDL one must be at least 18 years of age. To drive INTERSTATE however, one must be at least 21 years of age. Many Carriers also have minimum age requirements as part of their hiring criteria as well. The minimum age requirements can range from 21 - 25 years of age depending on the Carrier.

5. Am I allowed to work while in school?
This depends on a) if you are a commuter or "local" student and b) whether or not a student's work schedule interferes with a student's training. Please keep in mind that while enrolled in the Training Program one WILL NOT receive any compensation from Westwind CDL Training Center or any other respective Carrier partnered with Westwind CDL Training Center.

6. Am I required to hold a Class A CDL Permit before I come to school?
No. We will assist each student with the acquisition of his or her Class A CDL Permit the during first 3 days of his or her training program.

7. Am I guaranteed a job when I graduate?
No. Our company currently works with many Carriers as a means to place each student. However, each student is subject to the hiring standards of each Carrier. Ultimately whether or not one is placed depends on his or her personal record. However, our goal is to train and place each student that qualifies for our Training Program. That said, we have been 100% successful in qualifying and placing each of our students thus far.

8. Am I guaranteed to graduate once enrolled?
No. Our Training Program is highly competitive and each student will be tested weekly on the components of the Training Program. To progress throughout the program, each student will be required to score a minimum of 80% on each weekly exam. Furthermore, each student will be required score a minimum of 80% Cumulative GPA. Students participating in the Carrier Sponsored Training program will also be required to successfully pass the Missouri State CDL Exam.

9. How do I pay for school?
There are many ways in which one can finance their training at Westwind CDL Training Center. Please consult a recruiter for more details. Please keep in mind that payment for training is due in full on the student's first day of class.

10. What should I bring with me when I come to school?
Pursuant to amendments to 302.177 RsMo, the Missouri Department of Revenue requires that each student wishing to obtain a CDL provide a STATE CERTIFIED Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Proof of Residence (i.e. an unpaid utility bill), and a Valid Operator's License from the state each student currently resides. Furthermore, out of state students should bring along towels, sleeping bags, pillows, toiletries, alarm clocks, money for meals, and other items to utilize while staying in the Housing Facilities.

11. Am I required to take a DOT Physical and Drug Screen?
Yes. Each student will take a DOT Physical and Drug Screen during the first morning of class. Each student will also agree to subject him or herself to random drug screens while in school.

12. Am I allowed to consume alcohol while in school?
Absolutely Not. If a student is found in violation of the drug and/or alcohol policy then he or she will be expelled immediately.

13. How often can I expect to be home if I become a Professional Truck Driver?
This depends on who a student goes to work for and what type of runs he or she will make. We currently are able to offer Regional Jobs (which can get you home every 7 days) and Over the Road (OTR) Jobs which can keep a driver out on the road anywhere from 14 days to 21 days at a time. Just keep in mind that normally the rule of thumb for the Industry is that each week spent out on the road equals a day and a half home time.

14. Where do I go after I graduate?
Each student who graduates from Westwind CDL Training Center that participates in the Carrier Sponsored Training Program goes right off to work. Students graduate on a Friday and usually catch a bus that very same evening to head off to his or her respective Carrier for Orientation.

15. Why should I make the move to become a Professional Truck Driver?
An individual can make a very nice living as a Professional Truck Driver. Those in the Industry can expect to earn anywhere between $500 and $1200 per week. In fact, some make even much more than that! First year drivers can expect to make on average between $33,000 and $39,000.00 In addition to highly competitive pay, many companies offer medical plans, 401(k) and other retirement savings plans, rider programs, and bonuses. The Industry is currently about 500,000 drivers short. This number is only expected to grow in the next ten years. What all of this means for drivers is more pay, better benefits, and a tremendous level of job security.


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