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Enrollment & Industry Employment Requirements

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age (21 to drive interstate).

  2. Must be able to meet the DOT Physical requirements.

  3. Must be able to complete the Westwind CDL Training Center Physical Agility Test.

  4. Must provide a current Motor Vehicle Report (MVR).

  5. Must provide a STATE CERTIFIED Birth Certificate.

  6. Must have a valid U.S. Driver's License for the past 36 months unless approved by Admissions.

  7. All suspensions and revocations must be approved by Admissions.

  8. Must have not committed more that three moving violations in the past 36 months.

  9. All accidents in the past 36 months will be reviewed by Admissions.

  10. Must have NEVER had more than 2 DUI and/or 2 DWI and/or two refusals to submit to an

    alcohol test violations in an applicants' lifetime. All DUI, DWI, Refusals must be at least three

    years old and at least 10 years apart.

  11. Must have not committed a crime resulting in either a felony or a misdemeanor involving

    possession and/or distribution of a controlled substance and/or crimes of moral turpitude (i.e.

    crimes against another person or crimes involving theft) in the past 36 months.

  12. All Felonies must be a minimum of 5 years old and must be reviewed by Admissions. No

    applicant is allowed to have committed more than 1 felony in his/her lifetime. Each applicant

    who has served time must have been out of prison at least five years. If an applicant is on

    probation then the applicant will be required to get a letter from his or her P.O. endorsing the

    applicant on this endeavor and such will need to be reviewed by Admissions.

  13. Work history for each applicant for the past 36 months must be reviewed by Admissions.

    W-2 Tax Documents for the past 3 years are required for all self-employed applicants if payroll stubs

    cannot be provided.

  14. Must be drug free and willing to participate in random drug testing during training.

  15. Must be alcohol free during the training program and willing to participate in random alcohol

    testing during training.

  16. Must be able to read, speak, and understand the English language.


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